What we do

What we do



We help the client to define the general idea and concept of the project.



We put our fine taste in the aesthetics of the project; making everything fit together.



We can create our own software to meet your project requirements with full customization.



We take care of logistics and setup to deliver successfully your project, ready to use.

Our skills & technology

Realtime Graphics

Cool realtime graphics is key for providing a fluid interactive experience. We are used to using multidisplay for creating ultra-high resolution output.

Interactive Displays

Touch screen technologies offer unique ways to meet the various goals and needs of our customers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blurs the line between what is real and what is computer generated and opens a world of possibilities for advertising, education, art and many other fields.

Natural User Interfaces

NUI goes beyond using multitouch or gestures. It makes human-computer interaction intuitive and invisible.

Interaction Design

We don’t lose focus about what this is all about. Engaging audiences in great interactive experiences. Interaction design and UX is key.


Games captivate. Implement game mechanics and rewards as a method to engage your audience. Add narrative and meaningful choice to improve user response.

Custom Solutions

Not all technology can be applied equally. We provide customization and the software development required to meet your needs.

Data Visualization

Data is beautiful. We can create relevant and powerful realtime interactive graphs, charts or maps.

Video Rendering

Our rendering technology produces high quality videos. Automated creation of motiongraphics open up possiblities to communicate updated information.

Social Media

Social media is huge. Incorporating social elements into user’s experience provides benefits for both users and brands.